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Project: Social Media Management
Project Goal: 

The Firm is a full service brokerage that was looking to increase brand visibility and develop a loyal and engaged client base. After serving in their community for several years under their original title, The Firm decided to rebrand their company and their social media while retaining their existing clients and attracting new prospective clients. Prior to working with The Marketing Firm, The Firm struggled to post consistently and create content that was engaging and informative. While they had amassed a sizable following, their social media performance was lower than average and they saw minimal traffic to their website from their social media pages.


The Marketing Firm took over all content creation and posting responsibilities for The Firm’s social media pages in anticipation of their formal rebranding in order to create content that was relevant and cohesive to their new image. The Marketing Firm worked closely with the team at The Firm to create content that was relevant and valuable to their target audience to increase brand awareness and develop an educated and engaged audience. Since partnering with The Marketing Firm, The Firm has seen steady growth in their following and their overall performance is now exceeding the average in their industry.

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